Extraterrestrial life

My only hope is that every other [alien] civilization isn't doing exactly what we are doing because then everybody would be listening, nobody would be receiving, and we would collectively conclude that there is no other intelligent life in the universe.                                                                                                   … Continue Reading ››

Open blocked websites anytime anywhere

When we go to some cafe or public wifi or at school, we find that some websites are blocked.  There are many reasons for people to block some websites and there also exists too many ways to open those blocked websites. That's what hackers do.One of the way is to use Google Translator. And an another way I am going to tell you in this post.By obtaining website's ip address and converting it into decimal number.Step 1 :Choose the website which is blocked and you want to … Continue Reading ››

Consequences of time travelling.

There are many scientists across the world who are trying to make a time machine so that they can travel in time. But unfortunately, no one has got success till now. There are many problems in making such machine. Sometimes, scientists create the machine theoretically but that can not be implemented practically because of their assumptions or because by deeper study, they find that that machine will induce some factors which will lead to destruction of machine, factor depends on mechanism on which the time machine works. One of the way … Continue Reading ››

The Chaos Theory

Not only god play dice but he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen...-Stephan Hawking We humans have advanced ourselves in mathematics and we have started to build or visualize our world in terms of math. Police can measure the speed of an over speeding car using simple math by calculating the distance covered by the vehicle per unit time. One can predict the motion of a comet by using math (although not so easy but one can). So in short, we are surrounded by math all around us and … Continue Reading ››

Quantum computing

   If you understand Quantum Mechanics easily... you really dont understand Quantum Mechanics.                                          - Richard Feynman Quantum computing2 What is a computer? Basically it’s a device that can perform simple day to day task from calculations to entertainment. A computer has the ability to do graphics for animation and to solve some complex physics. But scientist now-a-days are indulged in developing a computer which … Continue Reading ››

Immortal Jelly-fish

We know a great deal of nature around us. We see plants, animals, insects, etc which perform the usual biological processes every day. We also know that every organism has a birth as well as death. But are you sure of this view? Can we find immortal beings around us? Turritopsis Nutricula, a type of jelly-fish actually does this. Marine biologists are still having research on this wonderful creature. This jelly fish is actually capable of ‘transdifferentiation’. Transdifferentiation is a process of changing matured cells to immature states. You may … Continue Reading ››

Some common misconceptions

Physics is a very interesting thing to chat or to learn off. It is pretty logical topic; and since it’s logical, there are many misconceptions in people towards much of what physics says!Gravity:  We relate gravity being a force of attraction for two masses. So according to that, light shouldn’t get attracted to gravity because light is mass less. If you have this perspective, you are wrong! Gravity is the effect of energy and momentum; which the light certainly has. Here energy is (hf), where h is Planck’s … Continue Reading ››

Cosmic beauty

We are just an advance breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special"       -Stephan Hawking Being a habitant of this beautiful and elegant Universe, we should know about the celestial bodies which are responsible for well functioning of the Universe. We all know about stars, planets, comets and about Black Holes. But there are some other celestial bodies in our Universe which are always fascinating to the astronomers. Hardly few of us know … Continue Reading ››

Standard Unit Circle and Trigonometric functions

A standard unit circle having radius 1 cm. Angle measures are marked in radians.

A standard unit circle having radius 1 cm. Angle measures are marked in radians.

Let’s work out with some Geometry this time. What is a Standard Unit Circle? A Standard Unit Circle is circle having radius equal to 1 cm and its centre lies on origin. Figure 1 is a Standard Unit Circle. As you can see, there are some readings marked on the circle. These … Continue Reading ››